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Mac Pro Late 2013 Teardown


ifixit, Mac Pro Late 2013 Teardown, here. This is either the last or next to last box that  you get to run on your desk and contemplate making any non-trivial modifications. For the most part all your future compute cycles will come from  either your phone or your remote Amazon cloud server. Maybe ~/ will be on your phone encrypted and secure but in reality you may as well use the NSA’s disks for all your data since they have disk space and your phone data/disk is backed up on it anyway, they just need a little marketing work they have neglected for a while. “Keeping your data safe for the past 75 years and the next 75 years“, etc.  All you are gonna get at home and at work is a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor. The Deluxe hacker setup will cost $695 and the Super Saver setup will cost $99.95. The difference between the two setups will be minimal, same pixel count,  same fps, same color palette, same audio, same camera, but boils down to this, the Super Saver mouse, when not in use, will occasionally leave your desk top and go take pictures/movies of you, your family, your books and papers, and the rooms it can get into and sends it all suitably annotated and encrypted to social media organizations and agencies, the Deluxe hacker mouse just moves the cursor around on the monitor. The resulting interior building maps and user profiles will be really improved (e.g., firefighters will  have solid  and up to date Emergency Response information just by logging into the Amazon cloud from their phone), and mouse-enhanced federal tax filing will be considerably simplified. You just right click “accept” on the 20xx tax forms that the mouse prepares for you. Who says no?

It’ll be just like Bookstaber was saying – supply will massively overwhelm the demand.

The new Mac Pro has been released, and we’ve managed to get our hands on the entry-level model, “inexpensively” priced at $2,999.


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