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Franz Franchetti


Franz Franchetti, CMU, here.

Spiral: Software/Hardware Generation for Mathematical Functionality


Collaborators: José M.F. MouraMarkus PüschelJames C. HoeJeremy Johnson, and David Padua
Students: Daniel McFarlin (advisor: Püschel, Franchetti)

HotBench: An Optimization Workbench for Hotspots
Students: Richard Veras (advisor: Franchetti)
Spiral for GPUs
Students: Christos Angelopoulos (advisor: Franchetti, Püschel)
Automatic Program Generation for High Performance Data Dependent Applications
Students: Wei Yu (advisor: Hoe, Franchetti, graduated July 2011)

Supported by NSF through awards 0325687, 0702386, 011737, and by DARPA through the DOI grant NBCH1050009, the ARO grant W911NF0710416, and ONR grant 10219108, N000141110112. Industry support from Intel, Mercury, and Nvidia

[NSF Discovery article] [Latest ECE News] [older ECE News] [Video of Spiral talk]


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