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Gigabit Ethernet and Ars System Guide


Jon Brodkin, ars technica, Why Comcast and other cable ISPs aren’t selling you gigabit ethernet, here.

Cable companies haven’t been ignoring this consumer demand… but they haven’t done anything to satisfy it, either. Comcast demonstrated the “first ever 1Gbps broadband speed download over a production HFC [hybrid fiber-coaxial] network” two and a half years ago at the NCTA [National Cable and Telecommunications] conference, and the company showed off a 3Gbps technology at this year’s cable show.

Brian Won, ars technica, Ars Technica System Guide: November 2013, here.

AMD unveiled its next-generation GPUs, codenamed Hawaii, back in September. The product promptly topped Nvidia’s big guns, sparking price cuts and a surprisingly quick response. You can also add in a not-so-little update to Intel’s Xeon product line with Ivy Bridge-E (third generation Core i-series) for the God Box. And to complement all the high-end product news, there was the release of the dual-core desktop versions of Intel’s current 4th-generation (Haswell) Core i-series processors, ensuring top-to-bottom product refreshes for the two most critical components inside the System Guide.


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