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Conjugate Gradient FP Benchmark and Common Knowledge


Nicole Hemsoth, HPCWire, LINPACK Creator Sheds Light on Emerging HPC Benchmark, here. Interestingly both LINPACK and HPCG are of limited relevance to a major chunk of Wall Street analytics. On The Street if you ain’t a Magoo and you’re missing in L2, you’re doing it wrong. Efficient use of the NUMA interconnect by the Top Gun Erlang Low Latency Analytics boys, surely Sir you jest?

Back in June during the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), we discussed the need for a potential alternative to the current LINPACK benchmark, which is the sturdy yardstick by which supercomputing might is measured, with its creator, Dr. Jack Dongarra.

At that time, he discussed a new benchmarking effort that is taking shape with the input of several collaborators, called the high performance conjugate gradient (HPCG) benchmark. The news about this effort drew a great deal of positive reaction from the scientific computing community in particular as it is more in tune with the types of modern and future simulations that are actually running on LINPACK top-ranked systems on the Top500. This new benchmark will be announced in further detail tomorrow (Tuesday) during the Top500 announcement and will be made available to be tested across a wider array of systems.

W. Ben Hunt, Epsilon Theory, A Game of Sentiment, here. So Sally Kellerman reads for MASH, and Altman tells her she has the best role in the movie, and she’s not sure the part has enough lines. 30+ min of burn for Bogut, Z-Bo 26-15 – 2 stls and good %s, but Pierce sucked hard and I had to watch it on TeeVee because Joe Johnson is now on the wire. Farmers ended up pulling Mo Williams off the wire and leaving Iso Joe even though Mo barely gets 30+ burn in the loaded Blazer backcourt. Johnson cannot be this bad the entire year, Prokarov must be losing his shit realizing that at this point in KG’s career, Prokarov can probably score on him, if you give him ten tries standing directly under the basket, with the ball, and his dribble.

But the most interesting aspect of the CK game played on the Island of the Green-Eyed Tribe is the role of the Missionary. It is the public statement of information, not the prevalence of private information or beliefs, that forces movement in the CK game. The public statement is what creates Common Knowledge, even if all of that knowledge was already there privately. Everyone must see that everyone else sees the same thing in order to unlock that privately held information and drive individual decisions and behavior.


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