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The Climate Corporation


Rob Wile, BI, What Farmers Think About Climate Change In One Great Quote, here.

Coincidentally, the New Yorker published Michael Specter’s in-depth profile of the company a week after the purchase was announced.

The whole piece is worth reading, but one line stuck out to us. You’ll recall that last year the U.S. saw one of the worst droughts on record. Although scientists have actually yet to find direct evidence that last year’s epic drought resulted from climate change, the fact in the span of two years America’s breadbasket saw one of the worst-ever harvests immediately followed by one of th best-ever has hurt farmers’ bottom lines.  (Of course, it also likely helped boost Climate Corporation’s value.)

Here is what Climate Corporation founder Dave Friedberg said about how most farmers view climate change (emphasis ours):

“You don’t need to talk about climate change per se…Statistically, you are looking at a series of numbers. If it were a roulette wheel, you could say, ‘It’s coming up black more and more frequently.’ Can I attribute that to black being overweighted by the croupier? Or to the pit boss, or the machine being broken? It doesn’t matter. Some people will argue that ice ages have waxed and waned for tens of millennia and that this is part of a natural cycle. That doesn’t change the fact that black is coming up more frequently and you will get less out of an acre of corn than you used to. The price for that land simply cannot be justified by the income it can generate.” 

The Climate Corporation, here. They are smart – we are so not worthy.


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