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Our Glassy Essence


The Epicurean Dealmaker, Our Glassy Essence, here. I interpret this to mean hold Patrick Beverley on the Lead Farmers and see what happens in the next game. I’ll play Bargs for now, unless the game is with Pacers, SA, LAC, or Heat, until Tyson Chandler gets back from his broken leg. Pencil Bargs in for 34 min per game and at least 5 REB. Shit’s about to get scientific.

Press a practicing scientist, O Dearly Beloved, to explain what she does for a living and you will often (usually?) find her describing an extremely elaborate, well-constructed, and beautiful intellectual apparatus built to great height and breadth upon subtly shifting sands. As a von Neumann prediction machine, it is remarkably successful, at least in certain well-defined domains (e.g., quantum physics, astronomy), which she will no doubt point to with pride. Look a little closer, however, and you will begin to see lacunae, cracks, and jury-rigged joints papered over with vagueness and contradiction, especially at the gaps between different scientific disciplines or within the same discipline at different scales. Certain sections of the apparatus (like cosmology) seem to have abandoned their purported identity as prediction machines entirely and devolved into nebulous hypothesizing and vague handwaving. Others barely seem to merit the designation “science” at all. Look longer, and you begin to notice that virtually every section of the beautiful edifice is covered with permanent scaffolding and safety netting, with slightly dusty, battered “Under Construction” signs creaking forlornly in the breeze.


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