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Blog M&A and Mandatory SEF Trading Clarification


Felix Salmon, Reuters, Content economics, part 4: scale, here.  If Pink I could leverage up and do an acquisition I suppose it’s Rotoworld and Basketball Monster so we would have a complete Sports Section covering all of Fantasy Basketball, as opposed to just the plight of the Lead Farmers and the rise of Patrick Beverley. If we could get Princeton Election Consortium then we could compete with Nate Silver. Maybe Pink I should start a GitHub section, because people don’t get to read much good code and programming humor is a lost art.

The big blog news of the day is that Vox Media has acquired Curbed Network. Why is the news so big? Because, until now, if a major blog property was sold, it was always sold to some media giant — more often than not, AOL — which wanted to add another bloggy arrow or three to its massive content quiver.

kevinonthestreet, Mandatory SEF Trading Does Not Equal Mandatory Electronic Trading, here.

MATing (is that a new verb?) swaps in round 1 does not mean that suddenly the market must learn how to trade their off-the-run IRS on a central limit order book (CLOB). While CLOB trading will result for a small few contracts out of the gate, the vast majority of MATed swaps trading will occur via RFQ (to 2), on SEF via phone, or off SEF via phone (for block trades). Leaving aside for a moment the operational complexities that come along with implementing a change of this magnitude, and given the various means of interstate commerce permitted, the burden placed on the market by mandatory SEF trading isn’t all that bad.


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