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but Patrick Beverley, Google Cloud SQL, and Hedgez


Patrick Harrel, The Dream Shake, Patrick Beverley goes down with a rib injury against Bobcats, here. Lead Farmers wired Shawne Williams and picked up McBob, the starting Bobcat PF, the only guy on an NBA roster who looks like Shaggy. Over in SAC, Patrick Patterson is wallowing in no-stats-for-Farmers-stan and is gonna get wired. Farmers got beat to Lance Stephenson, although we are not believer’s in Lance’s FT%s.

Patrick Beverley lasted just ten minutes as the Houston Rockets starting point guard before he went down with an injury. Early in the second quarter, Beverley headed to the locker room with a rib injury, before the doctors there ruled him out for the rest of the game.

Joe Faith, Google Developers Blog, Google Cloud SQL is now accessible from just about any application, anywhere, here.

Google Cloud SQL is a fully managed MySQL service hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Today, we are embracing open standards and expanding customers’ choice of tools, technologies and architectures by adding support for native MySQL connections.

MySQL Wire Protocol is the standard connection protocol for MySQL databases. It lets you access your replicated, managed, Cloud SQL database from just about any application, running anywhere. Here are some of the top features enabled by the MySQL Wire Protocol:

Kirsten Salyer, Bloomberg, A Dating Service for Those who Love Hedge Funds, here.

Hedgez uses the tricks of online marketing to target potential investors. Hedgez does search-engine marketing and dives into data from social networking sites such as LinkedIn to target investors based on characteristics such as job description, job history, and geography.


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