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DB Q3, Headlines, and Kumu Networks


David McHugh, AP, BI, Deutsche Bank Earnings Collapse On Huge Legal Expenses And A Big Slowdown In Revenue, here.

Revenues at the bank’s investment banking business fell 26 percent. The bank suffered from a slowdown in trading debt securities such as bonds. Bond markets have been volatile in recent months due to uncertainty about when the U.S. Federal Reserve might start cutting back its bond purchase program. The program is aimed at holding down longer term interest rates and supporting growth. Revenue from sales and trading in bonds fell to 1.29 billion euros from 2.73 billion euros.

xkcd, 20th Century Headlines rewritten to get more clicks, here.


David Talbot, MIT Technology Review, The Clever Circuit That Doubles Bandwidth, here.

The company, Kumu Networks, has demonstrated the feat in a prototype and says it has agreed to run trials of the technology with unspecified major wireless carriers early next year.

The underlying technology, known as full-duplex radio, tackles a problem known as “self-interference.” As radios send and receive signals, the ones they send are billions of times stronger than the ones they receive. Any attempt to receive data on any given frequency is thwarted by the fact that the radio’s receiver is also picking up its own outgoing signal.


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