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A Request That We Passed On


Too bad about the lack of interest in the Hedge Fund Logistics for the Berkeley Programs. That’s why Pink I must forge ahead.
The proof predicates are interesting in light of Knight Captal’s 450MM USD software failure and Appel’s VST results. It’s not clear to me how to bound the length of the theorems to be proved to provably know Knight’s trading algorithm isn’t going to drop another half a billion USD.

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP


Alistair Sinclair is a “British computer scientist and computational theorist”—to quote our friends at Wikipedia. I know him more as Berkeleyan than British, but Ken knew him long ago in Britain itself, so what do I know. Wherever he is, he is one of the leaders in the world on anything concerning randomized algorithms of all kinds. He has won the prestigious Gödel and Fulkerson Prizes. The latter was for his brilliant work on the permanent, in a long project that culminated in his famous breakthrough paper with Mark Jerrum and my Georgia Tech colleague Eric Vigoda.

Today I want to talk about a request we just got from Alistair that Ken and I decided to take a pass on, and give a reason why we did so.

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