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David Pogue, Nova, Making Stuff Faster, here. Tradeworx RF  at 42:00.

Program Description

Ever since humans stood on two feet we have had the basic urge to go faster. But are there physical limits to how fast we can go? David Pogue wants to find out, and in “Making Stuff Faster,” he’ll investigate everything from electric muscle cars and the America’s cup sailboat to bicycles that smash speed records. Along the way, he finds that speed is more than just getting us from point A to B, it’s also about getting things done in less time. From boarding a 737 to pushing the speed light travels, Pogue’s quest for ultimate speed limits takes him to unexpected places where he’ll come face-to-face with the final frontiers of speed.

Nathaniel Popper, NYT, Wealth Fund Cautions Against Costs Exacted by High-Speed Trading, here.

Despite being one of the largest single investors in the world, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund rarely makes waves.

Now, though, the $750 billion fund is preparing to raise its voice on a sensitive topic: the increasing computerization of the stock markets and the costs it has imposed on big long-term investors.


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