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Goldman Q3, Linux Plumbers Conference, and Gelman’s Bayesian Data Analysis Course


Zerohedge, Goldman Revenues Tumbles, FICC Craters Down 44%; EPS Beat As Compensation Slashed, here. Looks like comp is going to suck for a bunch of folks. JPM Fixed Income did much better than the other guys.

But back to revenue, which was an unmitigated disaster: the only bright light were Investment banking revenues which were $1.7 billion, unchanged from a year ago, if down 25% from Q2. It’s all downhill from here, because the all important Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities group printed just $1.247 billion, down a whopping 44% Y/Y, well below expectations, followed by a tumble in Equity Client Flow, which at $1.6 billion, was down 18% from a year earlier. Alas not even Goldman was spared from the Q3 crunch, as both trading volumes appear to have tumbled, as well as actual prop misses impacted revenue. This can be seen in the firm’s prop trading group, aka Investment and Lending, which printed at $1.5 billion down 18% from a year ago.

Elena Zannoni, Linux Plumbers Conference, LPC 2013 Videos and Slides are Now Available, here.

Network Virtualization

INTRO: Network Virtualisation

From netmap to virtualization through openvswitch Luigi Rizzo, Universita` di Pisa

Open vSwitch the good, the bad and the ugly Jerry Chu, Google, Inc.

Open vSwitch: Hardware assisted filtering Thomas Graf, Red Hat

OVS: from Open vSwitch to Open network Virtualization System Alexei Starovoitov

Contrail vRouter implementation and performance enhancement Raja Sivaramakrishnan,Juniper Networks

TCP repair overview Pavel Emelianov

Improving overlay network performance on existing hardware Alexander Duyck, Intel Corporation

Intel DPDK: Data Plane Development Kit John Fastabend, Intel

No Video — Network Service Headers in Linux Kyle Mestery, Cisco Systems, Inc.

LISP and NSH in Linux and Open vSwitch Vina Ermagan ; Lori Jakab ; Pritesh Kothari ; Kyle Mestery, Cisco

No Video — Locator/ID Separation Protocol in Linux Vina Ermagan, Cisco Systems Inc

Improving Open vSwitch & Network Stack Integration Jesse Gross, VMware

Integrating NICs with embedded switches in a Linux ecosystem John Fastabend, Intel

Linux as the foundation of a networking OS matty kadosh, israel

Andrew Gelman, Stat Modeling, G+ hangout for test run of BDA course, here.

Teaching Bayesian data analysis


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