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Gabriel CPU Cooler and Broadwell 1Q2014


Niels Broekhuijsen, Tom’s Hardware, DeepCool Gives Birth to Gabriel CPU Cooler, here.

Gabriel features a 120 mm fan that can spin at speeds ranging from 900 RPM to twice that. At 1800 RPM it’ll make no more than 32.4 dBA of noise. In it’s entirety, the cooler weighs around 426 grams. The combination of everything gives Gabriel the power to cool down CPUs with TDPs of up to 100 W.

The entity will have support for most modern CPU sockets, including AMD’s FM2 and AM3+ sockets, as well as Intel’s new LGA1150 socket. Gabriel will be available for purchase starting in November, though no price tag was given.

Kevin Parrish, Tom’s Hardware, Intel Broadwell Chip Release Pushed Back to 1Q 2014, here. No delay on Skylake, yet.

CNET reports that during a call discussing Intel’s third-quarter earnings, CEO Brian Krzanich said that the company will begin production on Broadwell in the first quarter of 2014 instead of the final quarter of 2013. He said the delay is caused by a “defect density issue” that impacts the number of usable chips, or yields.


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