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kevinonthestreet, Swap Execution Facilities trading Volumes: Here are the Real Numbers, 3Oct,  here.

Swap Execution Facility Publicly Disclosed Trading Volume Data (those in bold have reported volume since Oct 2):

  1. 360 Trading Networks: http://www.360t.com/cnt_sitedata/financial_regulation_swap_execution_facility.php

  2. Bloomberg: http://data.bloombergsef.com/

  3. BGC Derivative Markets: NA

  4. CME Group (SDR): http://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/repository/

  5. FXall (Thomson Reuters): http://www.fxall.com/solutions–capabilities/regulatory-solutions/thomson-reuters-sef

  6. GFI Group: http://www.gfigroup.com/markets/swaps-exchange/trade-data.aspx

  7. ICAPhttp://www.icap.com/markets/swap-execution-facility/market-data.aspx

  8. ICE Swap Tradehttps://www.theice.com/publicdocs/swap_trade/Credit_Daily_Market_Report.pdf

  9. INFX: http://isef.integral.com/downloads.html

  10. Javelin: http://www.thejavelin.com/market-data

  11. LatAm: NA

  12. MarketAxesshttp://www.marketaxess.com/trading/sef-data.php

  13. SwapEx: http://www.swapex.com/swapex/market-data/irs/http://www.swapex.com/swapex/market-data/NDF/

  14. Tera Exchange: NA

  15. TruEX: http://www.trueex.com/settlement-data

  16. Tradition SEF: http://www.traditionsef.com/market-activity/

  17. Tradewebhttps://reports.tradeweb.com/account/login/?ReturnUrl=%2f

  18. Tullett Prebon (tpSEF)http://www.tullettprebon.com/swap_execution_facility/daily_activity_summary.aspx


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