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Mobile, Social, Cloud, App, and Big Data Idea – DynaVote


Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture, 50 Powerful Tech Mega Trend Statistics, here, Wisty is still puzzled why we cannot generate a suitable mega-trend idea for electronic trading. How about crowd sourcing the weights for your Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) purchases and sales of securities for your 401K? It’s five-for-five Mobile, Social, Cloud, App, and Big Data? VWAP your annual gasoline purchases? Meh, right?

How about everybody register to vote and then VWAP your aggregated voting power  through a four year election cycle? Upside: you need not watch/read the domestic politics news, which pretty much everyone has determined is manipulated/useless and divisive anyway. Downside: you would have register to vote in local, city, state, and national elections and then vote (or not vote) at the specific direction of the VWAP you have selected. Your VWAP will let you and your friends know where and when to vote (or not to vote) on your phone, tablet, or glasses. It’ll tap in to Facebook to find out if you have friends in swing districts who you can influence to see things your way. It will dynamically adjust the optimization strategy as polling data and election results roll in.  If you could get even 85% compliance the VWAP side could work. The VWAP could target certain Senators, Congressmen, Bills,  and Government Programs for victory or defeat according to the weights/parameters your VWAP selects. The VWAP optimizes for your specific priorities and preferences and may make deals with other VWAPS to advance your priority views on the issues of the day. If you don’t like the specific Optimizations/Priorities of this VWAP choose another one, it’s your vote.  No more “safe States” being ignored in the national elections when the VWAP can suppress voter turn out and convert them to “swing States” if your issue doesn’t get suitable attention. You could have a VWAP optimized to make Nate Silver wrong, drive BP to bankruptcy, promote Herbalife, and make Maxine Waters Secy of State, how many folks want that? Take a deep breath and think for a moment, can you imagine how impressed your state senator will be when you tell him your VWAP made Maxine Waters Secy of State and you live in North Dakota? You’ve got DynaVote (see our forthcoming  A Method and Apparatus for Long Term Dynamic Optimization of Voting Allocation to Multiple Domestic Elections).

In order to get scale, your VWAP optimization objective function needs to have broad appeal and be actionable. Try something like “Balance of Power” VWAP or the “Minimize Lying and Evasiveness” VWAP. What about “Cooperation” VWAP? Democrats, Republicans, and Unions are so 1970’s – make your vote actually count for something – optimize your leaders to be as hard working, attentive, and as exceptional as Today’s World requires. How about your elected leaders sign your VWAP’s Birthday card and donate to the VWAP for a chance to win face time at a group Brunch with the VWAP?

There are five mega trends impacting the IT departments of every company: Mobile, Social, Cloud, Apps and Big Data. In this presentation, Vala Afshar reveals ten startling stats for each mega trend.


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