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Check in with Yitang Zhang


Michael Segal, Nautilus, The Twin Prime Hero, here. Total Stud

What would you do with the money?

Maybe the best way would be to give the money to my wife. Let her deal with this issue.

 Tao, Polymath8: Writing the paper, II, here. III, here.
The paper is quite large now (164 pages!) but it is fortunately rather modular, and thus hopefully somewhat readable (particularly regarding the first half of the paper, which does not  need any of the advanced exponential sum estimates).  The size should not be a major issue for the journal, so I would not seek to artificially shorten the paper at the expense of readability or content.
Peter Woit, Not Even Wrong, Quick Links, here.
The new issue of Nautilus has a wonderful story about Yitang Zhang, called The Twin Prime Hero, which includes a long interview with him. Zhang’s remarkable mathematical career includes several years working at a Subway in Kentucky. His sucessful work on the twin prime conjecture (see here) was done over four years, working seven days a week without almost any breaks, while teaching two classes at a time.
T.T. Moh, Purdue, Zhang, Yitang’s life at Purdue, here.

For the next two semesters, I organized a seminar with five graduate students (including Yitang) on Prof. Hironaka’s monumental papers on the theory of resolutions of singularities. I believed that we doubled the world population of those who had studied the papers after we finished two semesters. Prof. Grothendick once described those papers as among the most complicated thesises in the human history.


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