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Joris Luyendijk and In-memory NoSQL hints


Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian, Banking Blog, Quant: ‘The vast majority of bankers are decent honourable people’, here.  The banking blog  is here it’s essays and interviews about the life in the show.

“The first time I stepped into the bank I was expecting something very different. This was the early 90s and until then I had been in academia, as had so many quants of my generation. My idea of an investment bank basically went back to the two famous books I’d read: Liar’s Poker and Barbarians at the Gate. Both paint a picture of traders as loud, crass, bad-mouthed macho dickheads. The sort of guys with red braces who shout ‘buy buy sell sell’ into their phones and have eating competitions.”

Yiftach Schoolman, InfoQ, How to Make Your In-memory NoSQL Datastore Enterprise-Ready, here. I haven’t read so much recently – but I know smart folks who like it. Uhoh InfoQ has Core Values; Pink I doesn’t have a Core Value publication to display. Is there someone we can pay to write Pink I a Core Values statement of purpose? We are so not ready for prime time.

In-memory NoSQL datastores such as open source Redis and Memcached are becoming the de-facto standard for every web/mobile application that cares about its user’s experience. Still, large enterprises have struggled to adopt these databases in recent years due to challenges with performance, scalability and availability.


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