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Check in w RSA


John Leyden, The Register, RSA: That NSA crypto-algorithm we put in our products? Stop using that, here.

“Despite many valid concerns about this generator, RSA went ahead and made it the default generator used for all cryptography in its flagship cryptography library,” noted Green late last week. “The implications for RSA and RSA-based products are staggering. In a modestly bad but by no means worst case, the NSA may be able to intercept SSL/TLS connections made by products implemented with BSafe.”

EMC Corp, Yahoo Finance, here. EMC purchased RSA Securities in 2006?

Emin Gun Sirer, Hacking, Distributed, How the Snowden Saga will End, here.

We knew it because it’s in their DNA. Massive data collection is nothing new. It was only a few years ago that the Stasi archives were opened up to reveal “Geruchsproben,” carefully catalogued jars containing the smell of their citizens. The Stasi had field agents collect smell samples, sometimes by having the citizens sit on special chairs, or sometimes by breaking into people’s homes and literally stealing their underwear.


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