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Information Dominance Center, SportVu, and Dr. A.


Zerohedge, The Man In Charge of the NSA Modeled His Office After the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, here.

That much is known. What may come as a surprise is that during his tenure at the AISC, Alexander made it quite clear that he perceived himself as none other than Star Trek’s James T. Kirk, or to a lesser extent, Jean-Luc Piccard, if only based on how he decorated his “office” – the amusingly titled “Information Dominance Center.”

Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution, The growing move to measure everything, including basketball, here. Yes, but is this the year that the Manimal breaks out in Denver? AI2 gonna run the 2 for 33+ min a night w. the Dubs or split the 3 with Harrison Barnes? When will Kobe be ready?

The league on Thursday announced plans to install sophisticated tracking cameras, known as the SportVu system, in every arena for the coming season, creating an unprecedented treasure trove of data about virtually every wrinkle of the game. SportVu, developed by Stats LLC, records data points for all 10 players, the three referees and the ball, every 30th of a second, measuring speed, distance, player separation and ball possession. Every step, every dribble, every pass, every shot, every rebound — really, every movement — will be recorded, coded and categorized.

Steve Alexander, Rotoworld, Q&A: When Will Kobe Be Ready? here. If you really need to dominate go read Dr. A.

I got a nice response from my Twitter followers last week regarding which players they’d like some more offseason analysis on, so here we go. I’m basically going to hit every player that was mentioned to me on Twitter, except for the ones I already got in this column.

Here’s a list of who to follow at Rotoworld for NBA coverage.


Steve Alexander

Aaron Bruski

Ryan Knaus

Mike Gallagher


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