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“Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip.”


Sam Ro, BI, Here’s The Brilliant Presentation Jeff Gundlach Just Gave On The Economy, Bonds, And The Crisis In Emerging Markets, here.

Click Here For Gundlach’s Presentation »

Nicole Hemsoth, HPC Wire, IBM Dials Up Density for HPC and Hyperscale, here.

IBM is casting an ever-widening net to cover a broader range of workloads starting with today’s announcement of its NextScale system, which is designed to use a stripped-down x86 lure to reel in everything from the cloudy heights to high performance computing.

DynaRack goes the other way toward workload specific hardware. The bet is Focus beats General Purpose in rack design for COLO cash registers.

Andy Lester, Smart Bear, How to Turn Your Pile of Code into an Open Source Project, here.

You’ve written some code, you think it would be useful to the world, and you’d like to give back to the open source world. But how do you do it? An experienced open-source guy provides a checksheet for developers to release an open source project and get it noticed.


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