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Lead Farmer’s Starting Center and MicroMOOCs


Spencer Lund, Dime, Andre Drummond Meets Crush Jennette McCurdy & Practices His Handle In The Airport, here. Noooo, this the Lead Farmer’s keeper and starting center in the upcoming season.  I suppose it’s out of the question to shoot 1000 free throws every day of the off season? Also, I hear Beasy is headed for the Heat  after the Suns let him go, to learn valuable life lessons from Chris Anderson no doubt. Think of the Birdman like a  modern Mr. Miyagi for Beasy.

Drummond also worked on his game at the airport. No, not like Nate Robinson; Drummond did so without without a ball, and at 6-11 280 lbs. he terrified the weary travelers way more than Nate did.

N. N. Taleb, N.N. Taleb’s Probabilty Moocs, You Tube, here. We are totally good with this.

A brief nontechnical micro-MOOC on the misleading effect of comparing populations by focusing on the tails, and how tail probabilities are a separate animal. Errors of using statistical data in a lurid and unscientific way. Small changes in input lead to 10,000 x increase of probability of being a Nobel winner. (Please ignore the 9 sec gap around 4:30)
This can also apply to tail wealth (the 1% of the 1%).


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