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Skylake and AVX3.2


Gareth Halfacree, bit-tech, Leaked slide teases Intel Skylake features, here.  Broadwell is a feature size shrink to 14nm. Skylake might have enough FP juice for DynaRack.

The final feature announced on the slide is the introduction of AVX 3.2, the latest generation of Intel’s Advanced Vector Extensions. Designed to build on the company’s work on single instruction multiple data (SIMD) and streaming SIMD extensions (SSE), which allow the chip to perform a given instruction on multiple data simultaneously in order to improve performance, AVX 3.2 will replace the AVX 2 feature of Haswell and Broadwell. While Intel has yet to release details of AVX 3.2, it will likely result in similar improvements to AVX 2 – formerly known as the Haswell New Instructions. As with previous versions of AVX, however, it’s not free performance: to take advantage of the new features, programmers will have to code and compile with AVX in mind.


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