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Automated Trader Magazine, In the worx: What Manoj Narang thinks about regulation, Europe, volatility and a lot more, here.

Manoj Narang wears a lot of hats. He’s a technologist who built a low-latency platform and developed a monitoring system for the US SEC. He’s an executive who runs a hedge fund and an HFT group. And he’s an outspoken champion of data-driven decision-making.

In this interview with Automated Trader Editor Adam Cox, the CEO of Tradeworx talks about why he’d be happy to see some market changes enacted, even if that meant hurting his own business.

Felix Salmon, Reuters, Do online business models matter? here. If Gowers are going to pull in a real time appraisal of the current literature into the online publishing stream the BI Marissa Mayer article is going to  be comparatively small fish. Nevertheless this is interesting analysis.

Nick Bilton has an odd column up about Business Insider and NSFWCorp — two publications which he has picked to represent the “reliant on ad revenue” and “reliant on subscription revenue” business models, respectively. He’s particularly interested in the way in which Business Insider published Nicholas Carlson’s 22,500-word opus on Marissa Mayer:

When the piece was published on Sunday, many readers asked why Mr. Carlson did not publish it as an e-book, or even as a physical book, and charge people to read it, rather than simply place it online free as a very long blog post.

Actually, the piece was published on Saturday. But Bilton misses two important points here. Firstly, publishing the Mayer piece as an e-book would in no way preclude Business Insider from putting it online for free as a very long blog post. The classic example of ultra-longform blog journalism is the John Siracusa review of OS X which Ars Technica publishes every time a new version comes out. The review can be read online, for free — or it can be bought as an e-book, for $5. Creating and selling the e-book is non-trivial, but it’s worth it, given that thousands of people buy it.


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