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Rick Rieder on Bloomberg TeeVee


Tyler Durden, Zerohedge, BlackRock Admits the Fed Is Causing “tremendous Distortions,” here.  Who is the pompous bow-tie who thinks he needs to translate Rieder for the people at home? Maybe he could just stop and let Rieder talk, hmmKay. One of the really bad parts of LEH blowing up is you don’t get to go to Rieder’s morning meeting and hear what his take on the bond market is.

Yes, I think there is – People don’t realize if you just stay in a straight passive bond fund, that’s worked for 30 years, that – It’s worked, and rates have been on a straight line down for the past 30 years. Not in a jagged way.

Now all of a sudden, you’ve got to think about it differently because we’re not going through that cycle again.

Rates volatility electronic swap trading – it’s coming to a market near you.


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