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Next Time You Can Forget About The Myrrh


James Reinders, Intel, AVX-512 Instructions, here. Hat tip ph. Maybe don’t worry too much about the IBM POWER DynaRack; it looks like joe and Suzy Sixpack are buying another round for the floating point computer programmers in 2015. Dyna Rack’em  up – it’s time to get moving.

The evolution to Intel AVX-512 contributes to our goal to grow peak FLOP/sec by 8X over 4 generations: 2X with AVX1.0 with the Sandy Bridge architecture over the prior SSE4.2, extended by Ivy Bridge architecture with 16-bit float and random number support, 2X with AVX2.0 and its fused multiply-add (FMA) in the Haswell architecture and then 2X more with Intel AVX-512.

Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture, China’s Great Uprooting, here. 250MM folks moving city-side next 10 -15 years > Go long IKEA, SBUX. and robot taxis.

Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville, Assessing the scale of the metal warehouse trades, here.

Earlier this week Morgan Stanley published an in depth look into the financing warehouse trades in metals — the ones most analysts have been in denial about (at least publicly) for at least five years — and why they are now, thanks to new LME proposals, finally easing.

The note is titled: “Beginning of the end in warehouse trades: A game changer for base metals”.

There were three notable observations.


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