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OpenPower Consortium


Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Register, IBM opens up Power chips, ARM-style, to take on Chipzilla, here. Power floating point was not a problem to get running to speed. XLC wasn’t bad nor was Lib MASS. You could do DynaRack with them maybe if I don’t have to run AIX.

With its embedded Power chip business under assault from makers of ARM and x86 processors – and to a lesser extent MIPS chips – and having lost the game console business to AMD, IBM had to do something dramatic to expand the addressable market for its Power processors. And that something, which Big Blue has just rolled out, is called the OpenPower Consortium. which takes a few pages from the ARM Holdings playbook to breathe some new life into the Power architecture.

Search and infrastructure giant Google has joined the OpenPower consortium, as has GPU chip maker Nvidia, networking chip maker Mellanox Technologies, and motherboard maker Tyan.



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  1. […] Reinders, Intel, AVX-512 Instructions, here. Hat tip ph. Maybe don’t worry too much about the IBM POWER DynaRack; it looks like joe and Suzy Sixpack are buying another round for the floating point computer […]

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