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Psychoanalysis Cheating and a Kerfuffle


Gary Shteyngart, New Yorker, O.K., Glass, here. Ken Regan smokes out the Chess Cheaters, here. MLB believes ARod has been linked to cheating every year since 2009, here. SAT  and ACT are tightening rules after a recent Long Island cheating scandal, here. Yet Mr. Shteyngart can be seen in a New Yorker video cheating in a psychoanalysis session with artificially Google Glass enhanced memory and recollections. He has an unfair advantage over the other psychoanalysis patients. How are my kids going to keep up with  cheaters like Mr. Shteyngart without turning to synthetic memory updating technology?

The man with the glasses is lying on the couch at his psychoanalyst’s office. The pink rectangle floats before his eye. The man begins complaining about his glasses. In the first week, he’s supposed to wear them only one hour a day, but he can’t help himself. He’s been wearing them non-stop and now it feels like his right eye is bulging out, and also he feels nauseous and has a throbbing headache somewhere to the right of the bridge of his nose.

“It sounds like you’re suffering from motion sickness,” the psychoanalyst says.

The fact that the psychoanalyst is complicit in this cheating sickens me. Where is the outrage? Where is the commissioner?

Bob Lefsetz, The Big Picture, The Nate Silver Kerfuffle, here. Ms. Morgenson could be next to strike out on her own – singular insight.

Now if the “New York Times” had a television network… Then it might have had a chance to keep Silver. But the paper couldn’t compete with the ABC/ESPN duality. As for print? Who needs it, when you’ve got the web? Yes, Silver holds on to his domain, he’s the star, not the paper.

And this goes against everything we’ve learned in mass media for eons. This is the oldster’s worst nightmare. Because suddenly, talent is doing it for itself.


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