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Intel Server Chip Business


Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Register, Intel’s server chip biz holds steady ahead of Ivy Bridge Xeons, here. Queue the DynaRack Song.

On the conference call with Wall Street analysts, Brian Krzanich, Intel’s newly minted CEO, said that sales of products aimed at hyperscale data centers were up more than 40 per cent year-on-year and that sales of chippery for storage products also grew more than 40 per cent.

The part of the Data Center and Connected Systems Group business peddling into switch, router, and other networking gear makers grew more than 20 per cent. With that kind of growth in these segments, that means the plain vanilla enterprise server market must have been down quite a bit for the group to be essentially flat.

Krzanich added that sales into enterprise data centers were down a bit in the first half, but as the macroeconomic situation improves through the remainder of this year, sales to this customer set, which is the backbone of the Intel business still, would pick up.


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