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GitHub and Nate Silver


Tom Simonite, Technology Review, The Internet’s Innovation Hub, here.

San Francisco startup GitHub has all the hallmarks of the next big social network. The company’s base of 3.6 million users is growing fast, and after raising $100 million last year, GitHub was worth $750 million, at least on paper.

Brian Stelter, NYT, Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight Blog is to Join ESPN Staff, here. That’s like 20% of the NYT clicks walking out the door. Either the Times does a deal with Sam Wang over at Princeton Election Consortium or A. O. Scott and Gretchen Morgenson have to complete all the projects for the Coursera Stat Modeling For Beginners course.

He gained such prominence in 2012 that President Obama joked that Mr. Silver had accurately predicted which turkeys the president would pardon that Thanksgiving. “Nate Silver completely nailed it,” he said. “The guy’s amazing.”

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