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Check in w. Gretchen Morgenson and Hobbits are not Homo Sapiens


Gretchen Morgenson, NYT, Bankers Are Balking at a Proposed Rule on Capital, here. Pretty sure when Ms. Morgenson takes the kids to the Harlem Globetrotter’s game at MSG they are strongly encouraged to root for the Washington Generals. Could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Even better, the design of the new capital requirement would be much harder for bankers to game. They did just that with other types of capital rules, such as those issued under the Basel regime, the international system devised by regulators and central bankers.

The proposal, which would raise what is known as a bank’s leverage ratio, was issued jointly by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve Board and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Naturally, the financial sector hates it.

John Noble Wilford, NYT, Hobbits’ Size Not Likely Linked to Growth Disorders, here. Odd, in the NYT “Recommended for you” list this was right next to Morgenson’s FAIR GAME article.

So much about the extinct little people nicknamed hobbits remains roundly contentious 10 years after their fossils were discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores. But a new study has weighed in with strong support for the original hypothesis about them: that they were remnants of a previously unknown distinct species of the genus Homo that lived as recently as 17,000 years ago.


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