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Michael, Bankers Anonymous, BI, The SEC Suit Against Goldman Sachs’  ‘Fabulous Fab’ is a Joke, here. Tourre was a VP of Sales on the CDO desk. We’re gonna get that guy, really? Does the SEC even have the org chart for the GS CDO business at the time of Abacus?  There are these people called CDO Traders. They tell the CDO VP of Sales what to do because they pay his boss’ boss’ boss compensation at the end of the year. This is information the SEC could get from almost any GS associate or intern. Find the guy you want on the org chart, then get the email from that guy. Email driven prosecution makes us all look dumb.

Fab was a relative nobody.  Like Greg Smith (of Muppets fame), or like me, Vice Presidents are in charge of very little at a Wall Street firm.  From his ill-advised emails we gather he was an over-worked, under-sexed, anxious, and narcissistic guy, but what 31 year-old on Wall Street isn’t all of those things?  If that’s a crime, then lock ‘em all up.


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