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Robotrage w. Kensho Finance


Matthew Boesler, BI, Testing Software That Will End The Era Of The Quants, here. They are going to use cloud supercomputers so you do not need the spreadsheets.

Powerhouse investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley – along with titans of the fund management industry like Fidelity and Blackrock – are turning to the cloud to unlock powerful supercomputing capacity that will end their reliance on Microsoft Excel and give them the tools to compete with the “quants” that have taken over the business in the last decade.

The company making all of this possible is Kensho Finance.

Kensho Finance, Linked In, here. Maybe they can do DynaRack? Harvard guy as well. We can do the eastern Zen names, DynaSatoru? Yojimbo? We should talk. Kind of like them with Zimory. Look at their seasonal odds About page, here. Several folks from Google and one guy has a planet named after him.

Kenshō brings high-speed search algorithms and machine learning to create a new class of predictive analysis tools in finance.

Addressing the two biggest challenges surrounding financial analysis on Wall Street today–scale and automation–Kenshō’s statistical computing and financial risk analysis applications are providing the next generation Bloomberg terminal in the cloud. Institutional Investor –the ‘Journal Nature’ of the hedge fund world—described Kenshō as being “on the cusp of engineering a genuine revolution in financial technology.”

Founded in the spring of 2013 out of MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, Kenshō’s seasoned entrepreneurial team brings professional experience from Google and the United States Federal Reserve.

Kenshō’s cloud computing technologies are currently used by financial professionals at Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, D.E. Shaw, and dozens of other leading institutions. To date we’ve received financial backing from Accel, NEA and Polaris venture partners.


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