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Martin Act and Cloud Brokers


Felix Salmon, Reuters, The optics of selling financial information, here. This is worth remembering, the side-effects of working with Data display a very counterintuitive behaviour(s) (e.g. Libor) where fairness/logic/continuity/regulation is extraordinarily fluid as well as time and field (observer) dependent. Just back from vacation and I find DHo is a Rocket and Metta World Peace is amnestied from the Lakers? Rotoworld says “MWP will go on the open market as a declining veteran small forward that can shoot threes and push people around. Beyond that, his defense has declined and injuries are beginning to pile up.” WTF, that’s been my secret plan for playing bball for the last 10 years.  Plan B must be in effect now in LA Kamen and Gasol are the new twin towers – just like Robinson and Timmy Dunkenstein back in the day. Wait, Nash/Kamen/Gasol first potential nonUS starting five go get Gallo, Turkoglu, and Beno Udrih to fill it out.

None of this makes much logical sense. But you don’t need a tightly-argued jurisprudential philosophy to bring a Martin Act prosecution; all you need is to convince a court that something is not fair. Call it principle-based regulation, if you must. Under the letter of America’s insider-trading laws, no one did anything wrong here. But put the law to one side; look at the way that the public reacted to the news of what Thomson Reuters was doing. To my eyes, it looked like a diluted version of the reaction to the news of what Henry Blodget was doing at Merrill Lynch, when Eliot Spitzer went on the warpath against him. Grizzled and cynical Wall Street types said, basically, “everybody knew this was happening, what’s the big deal” — but the broader public and news media was genuinely shocked, and that shock was all that Spitzer needed to extract a big settlement.

Katie Fehrenbacher, Gigaom, Financial Giant Deutsche Boerse backs cloud startup Zimory, here. Cloud Brokers. DynaRack is looking better and better. L2hit  FP Cycles is like West Texas Intermediate Oil maybe call  it Mercer-County-No-Pipeline-Stall-Floating-Point. The mining compute cycles paradigm looks like it is getting traction if were are talking about compute cycles trading like electricity.

German financial services heavyweight Deutsche Boerse has invested in Berlin-based cloud management startup Zimory, the companies announced on Monday. The support from the financial marketplace and transaction organizer that runs the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, among other things, was part of a $20 million round that Zimory raised, which also included investment from Creathor Venture, High-Tech Gruenderfonds, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, KFW and T-Venture.

This isn’t the first relationship between Zimory and Deutsche Boerse. Deutsche Boerse is using Zimory’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud management software to launch a global, vendor-neutral marketplace for compute and storage capacity in 2014. The companies are looking at the exchange as a joint venture. Deutsche Boerse is targeting corporate and medium-to-large enterprise companies, as well as organizations from the public sector.


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