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Case for Chinese Piracy, Share It Like Cicero, and Loon Balloon Update


Felix Salmon, Reuters, How the world benefits from Chinese piracy, here.

Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman have a  fantastic article in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs about IP laws and piracy in China. The title, which I love, is “Fake It Till You Make It,” and the gist is clear:

Given that Chinese copying has benefits as well as costs, and considering China’s historical resistance to Western pressure, the fact is that trying to push China to change its policies and behavior on intellectual property law is not worth the political and diplomatic capital the United States is spending on it.

Tom Standage, Climateer Investing, Share it Like Cicero: the 2000 Year History of Social Networking, here.

One of the stories I tell in “Writing on the Wall” is about the way the Roman book-trade worked. There were no printing presses, so copying of books, which took the form of multiple papyrus rolls, was done entirely by hand, by scribes, most of whom were slaves. There were no formal publishers either, so Roman authors had to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and social distribution of their works via their networks of friends and acquaintances.

David Mayes, may0615, Google’s “Loon Balloon” WIFI Feels Like a KIWI #8 Wire Project, here. Got Anthony Hopkins in the World’s Fastest Indian trailer. #8 Wire DynaPie Blimp please. Solar powered, stratospheric balloon  top of book delivery and matching engine queuing system – make it watch Newark like an Argus drone and maybe you get Corey Booker on board? I know just pick a random guy in New Jersey and track him down on the internet and ARGUS film him for a week for your new You Tube show This is Your Life 2. Then tell people you are going to make this a weekly show. Use Born in the USA for the intro music to This is Your Life 2 – Reality TV raised to a higher power.

With regard to the metaphor of Kiwi #8 Wire projects, it is part of the history of New Zealand.  #8 wire is the stuff that is used in New Zealand to fence in the sheep, thousands of miles of it. The term is used loosely to describe “loony” far fetched innovation projects, probably including eccentric tinkers.   For many years until PM David Lange opened the NZ economy in the 1980′s, it was heavily protectionist. The tariff burden on imports was heavy, and the economy was stuck in a South Pacific doldrum.  As a consequence, Kiwi’s increasingly became known for extraordinary ingenuity with whatever found materials they could lay their hands on. A #8 wire project became the metaphor for creative thinking in NZ.  Examples of this abound.  There is even a prominent venture capital firm in Wellington named “#8 Ventures.”


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