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West Orange Info and Jefferies Fixed Income


Stephen B. Kaplitt, Kaplitt Legal Consulting, here.  is a pretty snappy website. Did not even know about the Wedding Capital of New Jersey.

Dear Mr. Trenk:

I am pro bono counsel to Jake Freivald and write in response to your “cease and desist letter,” dated May 13, 2013, regarding his domain Obviously it was sent in jest, and the world can certainly use more legal satire. Bravo, Mr. Trenk !

Not that we didn’t get the joke … but since Mr. Freivald had not previously encountered a humorous lawyer, he actually thought your letter may have been a serious effort by the Township to protect its legitimate interests. Rest assured, I’ve at least convinced him that it was certainly not some impulsive, ham-fisted attempt to bully a local resident solely because of his well-known political views. After all, as lawyers you and I both know that would be flagrantly unconstitutional and would also, in the words of my 4-year old, make you a big meanie.

Peter Eavis, NYT DealBook, Weak Bond Trading at Jefferies Prompts Wider Concern, here.

Mr. Gulberg agreed that, in the second quarter, certain types of fixed-income revenue will be strong. One leading indicator is the amount of fixed-income derivatives that have been traded on exchanges. It was up a lot in May and may reflect an increase in trading activity at Wall Street banks themselves.

Jake Freivald, West Orange Info, here.

Everything about West Orange, NJ

Hi, all. Welcome to the site. A couple of points:

  • No, this is not the official web site of West Orange, New Jersey.

  • Nor is it the official web site of the West Oranges of FL, TX, or CA. Nothing against those guys — just not what I’m here for.

  • I’m not putting up advertising. This kerfuffle isn’t about money, and my traffic will slow to its normal bucolic pace in a few days, so there’s no need to put up ads.

  • I use the word “kerfuffle” to chastise James Taranto for letting this get to the Puffington Host before it got to Best of the Web Today.

  • Yes, my design is — how do you say it in your country? — minimalist. I didn’t even get a chance to change the default template on WordPress. And you guys are totally crushing my bandwidth (thank you!), so it probably won’t change for a while; I can barely post these comments reliably, much less make template changes.

  • You seriously should try Terra Luna‘s pizza when you’re in town. And garlic knots. And… well, pretty much anything you can get. Tell Jim that Jake sent you.

  • Yes, Steve Kaplitt is my hero, too.

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