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DynaPie (classic) and Checkin with Graphviz


Walter Hickey, BI, The Worst Chart In The World, here.  Not so fast, apparently Mr. Hickey never evaluated the Dynamic Pie chart in detail. Tufte wrote his first book listening to Maggie May  on an endless loop, so there could be chinks in the armor there.

The pie chart is easily the worst way to convey information ever developed in the history of data visualization.

Sure, there are other more cumbersome ways to articulate data. But none have the credibility nor the widespread use that the pie chart has.

Here, I’ll explain exactly what’s wrong with the pie chart and exactly why you need to stop using them as soon as possible.

Stephen North, Graphviz, here. There is a

We have provided Graphviz with some additional graphics, which can be used to provide more semantic information in a graph or enhance its aesthetics. These include gradient fill for nodes and graphs; striped and wedged fills, so the amount of each color can be used to represent some percentage; new node shapes pertinent to the synthetic biology community (Thanks to Jenny Cheng); and curved edge routing.


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  1. Eric Sumner says:

    I blame this on Chandra.


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