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Apple Mac Pro, Interest Rate Wars and Whale Suits


Joel Hruska, Extreme Tech, Apple’s new Mac Pro: Is this the workstation we’ve all been waiting for? here. I guess you go with the Macbook shipping with Haswell rather than the Ivy Bridge  Ashtray.

The other clue is in the chipset identification. Apple’s website states that the system uses “the new-generation Xeon E5 chipset.” There’s no such thing as the “E5 chipset,” but thereis a C600 chipset that supports the E5 family. It’s not a perfect match, given that Apple is advertising PCI-Express 3.0, while the C600 only officially offers 2.0, but Intel’s messaging is unclear on this point. Diagrams for the C222 – C226 chipsets point to PCIe 3.0 capability, even though the official Intel database shows those products as limited to PCIe 3.0.

Based on what we know right now, however, it looks as though the new Mac Pro is Ivy Bridge, not Haswell.

David Keohane, Alphaville, Interest Rate Wars, here.

Since May 1 the median increase in 10-year local bond yields in 47 major EM and developed markets (DM) is 39bps (Figure 1). Among major EM economies (light blue) it is 83bps; among major DM (dark blue) economies it is 29bps. The US 10-year Treasury yield increase (red) is only at the median of developed economies and well below the overall median. In both EM and developed economies, the fat tail of rate increases is to the upside, so average increases are even higher. The paradox is that the run-up in US interest rates, which is arguably the primary driver of these global rate increases, is well below the average and median globally.

Tom Braithwaite and Kara Scannell, FT, Dimon pledges to fight ‘whale’ suits, here. Not only was the Whale flying blind, the Pope had no clue how to get the credit batch recalibrated and flying right either. Sort of a reasonable point though, it is hard to lie about the credit tranche P&L when you have absolutely no idea where it is. The news coverage is going to be this perpetual ships passing in the night, punctuated by hard hitting  illuminating questions like ” so the VaR is monitored and controlled now, right?” instead of  “were there ever entire days (weeks) in Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar where the CIO desk (and hence you) did not know their EOD P&L relative to the daily market moves? If so, when and why was that?” or ” could you show us the daily CIO P&L explanatories reports for Dec to Mar.” Clown Shoes.

“I sat in those meetings myself and I said, ‘Make believe the Pope is over here and the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission is over here’,” he said. “‘What is the right thing to do? And that is what we are going to do’.”


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