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Mat Smith, engadget, HP plans a fanless Intel Haswell tablet for later this year, here. Oh great! My primary server vendor is working on a fanless Haswell Notebook. If you ever needed a sign that the server pipeline was going to slow down from it’s current  glacial pace, here it is. The HP folks who know Broadwell are going to be working on the fanless tablet, super.

Now we’ve covered the first wave of Haswell-powered PCs and laptops, how about something to whet your appetite for later this year? While investigating Intel’s fanless tablet reference design, HP told us that its own iteration — one that was apparently also on stage during Intel’s Computex events — will be coming soon. While the tablet (or hybrid) wasn’t being shown publicly at the event, an official announcement is coming later this year. We thought we wouldn’t get to see a fanless Intel Core portable until Haswell’s successor, Broadwell (and its even smaller 14nm chips) started doing the rounds in a few years, but some clever hardware design could mean we see space-hogging, power-consuming fans dropped a little early.

Hassan Mujtaba, WCCF Tech, Intel CPU Roadmap Leaked, here.

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