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Satellite Latency 639ms, Roll Your Own Servers II, Don’t Miss in L1, and Layoffs


Jon Brodkin, arstechnica, Satellite Internet faster than advertised, but latency still awful, here.

“Satellite systems involve the transmission of information over long distances and have correspondingly higher latencies than for terrestrial technologies,” the FCC said. “ViaSat had a measured latency of 638ms for this report, approximately 20 times that [of] the terrestrial average.”

The average terrestrial service was measured at 29.6 milliseconds latency. Fiber-to-the-home services led the pack. “During the September 2012 testing period, fiber-to-the-home services provided 18ms round-trip latency on average, while cable-based services averaged 26ms, and DSL-based services averaged 44ms. This compares to figures from the April 2012 testing period of 18ms for fiber, 26ms for cable and 43ms for DSL,” the FCC said.

Joel Hruska, ExtremeTech, Facebook, ARM, x86, and the future of the data enter, here.

Last week, Facebook announced a new motherboard/daughtercard design it dubbed “Group Hug.” Thanks to innovative work from the Open Compute Platform, the new daughtercard allows CPUs from ARM, Intel, or AMD to be plugged into a single motherboard. At least, that’s the plan — for now, the hardware interconnects are still in the design phase, as is the framework required to manage disparate CPUs from multiple vendors.

Hot Hardware, Dell and HP Struggle to Reinvent As PC Industry Migrates to Asia, here. I’m thinking I’m going label my own Ivy Bridge rack mount server w some Asia partner to write ETF Index Arb  ALGOS.

If you’ve paid any attention to the PC industry in the past few years, you’re aware that things aren’t as rosy as they used to be. After decades of annual growth, major manufacturers like HP and Dell have both either floated the idea of exiting the consumer space (HP) or gone private (Dell).

Contrast that with steady growth at companies like Asus and Lenovo, and some analysts think the entire PC industry could move to Asia in the next few years. The ironic part of the observation is that in many ways, this has already happened.

Martin Thompson, Mechanical Sympathy, CPU Cache Flushing Fallacy, here.

Next time you are developing an important algorithm, try pondering that a cache-miss is a lost opportunity to have executed ~500 CPU instructions!  This is for a single-socket system, on a multi-socket system you can effectively double the lost opportunity as memory requests cross socket interconnects.

EconMatters, Business Insider, More Wall Street Layoffs Coming, here.

Changing Market Dynamics
First of all be sorry for what you wish for in Fed induced liquidity taking all the volatility out of markets; and trading profits are sure to decline in trading shops all along the spectrum of products.

Next, with the evolution of computer trading and computer driven Algos not only has this reduced volatility, but traders’ jobs in the process.

Third, with highly correlated markets and more money flowing into ETFs, stock and commodity differentiation is less relevant than in the past requiring fewer analysts.

Fourth, with major consolidation in the industry due to the collapse of Bear StearnsLehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch this has reduced the overall size of market competition, shrinking volatility further, and reducing overall trading volume.

Fifthly, the overall sluggishness of the global economy where many countries have debt problems and are still in the deleveraging phase has severally shrunken GDP growth which hampers private capital infusion into businesses which hurt the IPO and investment banking markets for the financial industry.

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