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Andy Bechtolsheim and Linley Gwennap


Rick Merritt, EE times, Bechtolsheim brainstorms on next networking wave, here. Bechtolsheim  aka Sun, Google VC, and now Arista  talks about Moore’s Law and networking. This is one of those deals: Bechtolsheim talks  – we listen ( and take notes). He gave this talk at a Linley Group gathering. I have not seen those folks in a long time.

“Moore’s Law is alive and well, and there has been nothing like it in the history of mankind,” he said. Thanks to solid work on serdes and merchant chips, networking is set to continue its traditional bandwidth “doubling every four years or so–it’s a nice improvement, but not at the rate of Moore’s Law,” said Bechtolsheim who briefly worked for Intel when he first arrived in Silicon Valley in 1977.

Linley Gwennap, The Linley Group, here. Here are the Microprocessor Report folks. They kind of publish old school behind a very expensive corporate paywall. For example, A Guide to Server Processors, Nov 2012, goes for 3500 USD single copy or 5K USD for a corp license.  Typically this is way to detailed information for many Wall Street folks who, are just as likely to launch a high performance set of HFT analytics in Erlang, as to resurrect the gaussian copula on an FPGA connected to a grid running Java, just to buy a vowel to solve the puzzle. There is a major system at a broker dealer that needs the better part of a  second to run PY on a US Corporate bond. There is another one where the guy in charge of the high performance FX trading  system will even tell their boss’s bosses that they did an experiment with time() and it takes 167 millis to run Black Scholes on an FX option, and nothing happens. Its like the IT Crowd when Jen brings the Internet to the shareholders meeting, here.  But if you have to know what’s up, Linley’s crew has been on target in the past and knows people who know stuff.

This report is written for:

  • OEMs that need to make strategic vendor selections
  • ODMs supplying cloud-computing and HPC customers
  • Data-center architects looking at alternative platforms
  • Marketing and engineering staff at companies that sell other server components
  • Financial analysts who desire a detailed analysis and comparison of both incumbent and new vendors

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