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SIMD Tuning and a 30Y UST Record Yield


Matt Walsh, Intel, SIMD Tuning w. ASM, here.  

ASM? You mean assembly language? I haven’t looked at that since my senior project! How arcane! And compilers are so smart anymore, why should I care?

I used to feel the same way…albeit with a latent desire to learn it as I wish I knew Latin. Then one day I found myself out of options on my SIMD code generation project. The compilers were great, but making progress was like building a ship in the bottle. I was playing a game I know you’ve played too: “Let’s Guess What the Compiler Will Do”!

Zerohedge, Two Hours After Fed Buys 30 Year Bonds, Treasury Sells 30 Year Bonds At Record Low Yield, here

Same time, same place, One day later. After yesterday the Treasury engaged in nearly contemporaneous monetization in the 10 Year bond courtesy of the Fed, first buying then selling the paper, at a record low yield of course, so minutes ago the Treasury just sold $13 billion in 30 year paper at another fresh record low yield of 2.72%, down from 3.06% in April. Ignore that the Bid To Cover plunged from 2.73 to 2.40, the lowest since November 2011, and that Indirects were barely interested, taking down just 32.5%, it was all about the Directs, whose 24% take down soared, and as in yesterday’s case, was one of the Top 5 highest ever. China? or Pimco? We will find out soon. Dealers were left with the balance, or 43.5% the lowest since October 2011. Something tells us that once the Fed extends Twist, or engages in more outright LSAPs, we will be seeing much more of this same day turnaround service as little by little all interest-rate sensitive instruments slowly grind down to zero.


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