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SD Times, Fog Around Intel Compilers, here.

Agner Fog is a computer science professor at the University of Copenhagen‘s college of engineering. As he puts it, “I have done research on microprocessors and optimized code for more than 12 years. My motivation is to make code compatible, especially when it pretends to be.”

Fog has written a number of blog entries about Intel’s compilers and how they treat competing processors. In November, AMD and Intel settled, and Fog has written up a magnificent analysis of the agreement.

If you have any interest in compilers, and in Intel’s compilers, you should definitely read his paragraph-by-paragraph read through.

Fog, Agner, Software Optimization Resources, here. I was reading Fog’s Optimizing Software in C++ (here) this morning. It’s a runtime optimization guide for Windows, Linux, and Mac. I have seen it before and perhaps been remiss in not commenting more fully. Without the benefit of trying out many of Fog’s code samples and directives against current versions of ICC and GCC I cannot be certain, but based on what I have optimized in the recent past, his body of works looks very legitimate and exhaustive. You ask, how exhaustive? Let’s start with the copyright, it’s got a succession plan:

This series of five manuals is copyrighted by Agner Fog. Public distribution and mirroring is not allowed. Non-public distribution to a limited audience for educational purposes is allowed. The code examples in these manuals can be used without restrictions. A GNU Free Documentation License shall automatically come into force when I die. See

Professor Fog is laying out code optimization paths for 4 different compilers on 3 different operating systems. I will not and cannot check out/verify all the scenarios presented because I possess the attention span of a squirrel compared to Professor Fog.  He also provides a page on random number generators, here,  which seems legit to the extent that he points you to Matsumoto’s Mersenne Twister RNG page, here. The random number references do not appear to be as comprehensive as the C++ runtime optimization references. But  this looks to be a case of:

We’re not worthy

in a most complimentary way to Professor Fog.



  1. svn says:

    An abrupt guy really.

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