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Peter Cotton at A Quant’s Apology could be entertaining

XKCD sorts out orders of magnitude in Money.

Cars Connect with Apps – Wired. Gotta see the spec sheets but if the L1 and L2 caches are not too small I have a feeling we are looking at a full worldwide Credit Derivative valuation and risk run in the Kia (Uvo eServices infotainment and telematics system) on my evening Isle of Dogs to Dorking  (or Leighton Buzzard worst case) commute home.

Salmon opines on the Citi Benchmark portfolio risk metric idea, here.

Paul Glasserman’s publications, here

Grand Challenges in Economics, here from Turing’s Invisible hand 2010

Brooklyn Academy of Music Blog, here.

Should computers have their own websites? – Marginal Revolution

British science needs ‘integrity overhaul’ – Nature

Bookstaber – The Day the Earth Stood Still – mistaking remixing for technology advancement.


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